Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

The Teen Aircraft Factory of Manasota (TAFM) is dedicated to helping teens discover their unique gifts and passions and explore their interest in aviation. We aim to introduce them to the world of aviation, to STEM, and to skills they will need in their careers by teaching them how to build a two-seat airplane from a kit. Building the future — one aircraft at a time.


Our Objectives

  • To build an airworthy and marketable aircraft using our students and mentors

  • To install an understanding of aircraft manufacturing practices and aviation in our students

  • To foster teamwork and collaboration

  • To cultivate detail-oriented and diligent work practices

  • To create a safe work environment

  • To champion our alumni toward college and/or the military

See What Our Teens Have to Say

"I love the plane build and everyone involved.  I always look forward to coming every Saturday to work and learn about aeronautics."

Jack Mungillo

"I really learned alot... building a complex machine.  I worked on the landing gear.  It's really cool!  It got me hooked right away.  It's so awesome."

Owen Bliss

Dyllan Morel

"I came from building after 2 years and now it is completed and assembled.  I went flying in it and it was a wonderful experience!  Looking at the wings I connected and rivetted... it was really nice!"

Taylor Fairchild

"I enjoy this program very much because it gives us an opportunity to do things that we would never be able to experience anywhere else.  I have learned alot of skills like sanding, wiring, soldering, fiber glassing and many more!""

Michael Jochims

"The amount of learning and the spectrum of skills that go into building a plane is just massive.  Learning that is so satisfying!"


Taylor Fairchild

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Sarasota Airport North Hangars 

1234 Clyde Jones Rd.

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Sarasota, FL 34243

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