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Airplane #5 - Underway

In November 2021, Teen Aircraft was lucky enough to receive a donation from South Texas of completed RV-12 tail and wings.  This became the basis for airplane #5.  We immediately ordered the fuselage kit.  We had enough Teens and Mentors to start that kit when it arrived.  We ordered the next kit (called the finish kit) 12 months before we'd need it.  It's expected to arrive January 2023.  Cashflow is tight but the order lead time is quite long, so we ordered the avionics and engine kits to ensure they arrive before we need them.  

Airplane #5

We split our teams in two and the #5 fuselage is making great progress.  The baggage and seating areas are complete.  The team is working their way forward to the firewall.  Brakes and rudder pedals have been installed.

The finish kit shipped at the end of January.  Avionics and engine are on order and should arrive Summer 2023. 

This airplane should fly around October 2023.  

Our Teens at Work
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