Donors and Partners

Thank you to our corporate partners and financial donors.  Without you, TAFM would not be possible!  Interested in supporting TAFM? Click here to learn more.

A special thank you to Michael Saunders & Company Real Estate for donating $2,000 this July! In addition, Martin Sobel, an EAA180 member, has sold his partially completed plane that several of the TAFM mentors and teens worked on and he donated the remaining extra parts to TAFM.  We have had success selling much of it and have received over $2,000 from these sales, as well!

THANK YOU!  We couldn't do this without our donors and partners!

Platinum Level ($2,500+)

  • Bill Segraves

  • Diane Clagett

Gold Level ($100 - $2,499)

  • Michael Saunders & Company Real Estate

  • Mary Lou McFate

  • Barry Reich

  • Corrin Smith

  • Anonymous

  • Gary Stevens

  • Richard Stern

  • Robert W. Baird & Company, Incorporated

  • Bob Dell

  • Tom Maxfield

  • Greg Lewis

  • Brett Williamson

  • Joe Lopinto

  • Lawrence Cushing

Silver Level (up to $100)

  • Reyna Gonzalez

  • Ye De Stefanis

  • Taylor Fairchild

  • Anonymous

  • John Sellitti

  • Ute Kegel

  • Ron Handley

  • Anonymous

  • Simona De Stefanis


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  • Shirley Mandarino

  • Joe Clark

  • Jim Faix

  • Francine Fontaine

  • Ute & Gary Kegel

  • Linda Knox & David Pomier (twice)

  • Chris Davis

  • Eugene Rogers

  • Barry Reich

  • Jaime Robledo

  • Bruno Motta

  • Al Cenci

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