New Plane Underway

In June 2021, we started our new crew of teens to help us build our fourth RV12.  Although it was sad to say goodbye to many of our previous students, they are off to college and the military with a better understanding and respect for aeronautics.  We have enhanced the program by adding structured classes to our build sessions, allowing us to teach the students about important topics such as weather, direction, mechanics, etc.


Here are some pics of our new crew on their first day: 


A Lesson in Riveting and Teamwork

Our new group of 18 teens started this month to help us build our fourth RV12.  After temperature taking and an overview of shop and COVID safety, we got the teens organized into teams to start working on various parts of the plane.  Everyone needed a lesson on riveting... of which we will do a lot of over the next few months!

Teen Building of our latest Van's RV12iS