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Aircraft for Sale

The TAFM is in the process of building our sixth RV-12.  Our first aircraft was sold five years ago and has clocked nearly 1,400 hours. Our second RV-12 was sold to a young pilot from New Mexico. It was completed in Fall 2018 and the paint job was completed in early 2019.  Our third RV-12 was sold to a new pilot from the East Coast of Florida. It was completed in Summer 2020.  Our fourth flew to a new home near Raleigh NC in September 2023.

Number 5 is now complete and ready for sale. 


Number 6 is underway.  We're building this one for the final owner.  He gets to pick which options he wants along the way. 

You can buy #5 now or if you're not in a rush talk to us about #7.  



This airplane finished its FAA inspection in March 2024.  It is currently being painted.  It includes popular features such as the 3-blade propeller, 10" Dynon touch screen, and 2 axis auto pilot.  

For Sale

TAFM Pic - Plane for Sale 1.jpg


This beautiful RV-12 has been completed and was recently sold to a young pilot from New Mexico.  He flew it home on Labor Day weekend. 


RV12 #4 exterior.jpg


This airplane included Dynon avionics, the fuel injected engine, and a 3-blade propeller.  In September 2023, it flew to a new home near Raleigh NC


TAFM - Plane 1 - Pic 2.JPG


Our first RV-12 build was sold and has now clocked over 1,400 hours.  Interested in seeing the high quality of a TAFM-built aircraft?


Airplane #3 final colors.jpg


This RV-12is was completed with a Garmin avionics, fuel-injected engine, and a three-bladed propeller. A pilot from Florida's East Coast picked this baby up and took it to Oshkosh in July 2021. Contact Us


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