Aircraft for Sale

The TAFM is in the process of building our third RV-12.  Our first aircraft was sold four years ago and has clocked nearly 1,000 hours.


Our second RV-12 was recently sold to a young pilot from New Mexico.  It was completed in Fall 2018 and the paint job was completed in early 2019.  Click here for more information.


We are currently working on our third RV-12 with an estimated completion date of Summer 2020.  Interested in picking your paint scheme and avionics?  Contact Us

RV-12 from Vans Image.png


Our latest RV-12 project is underway. If you aren’t in a hurry, consider getting in early and pick your paint scheme and panel. Completion estimated to be Summer 2020.  Contact Us


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This beautiful RV-12 has been completed and was recently sold to a young pilot from New Mexico.  He flew it home on Labor Day weekend.  Interested in our next plane?

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Our first RV-12 build was sold and has now clocked over 1,000 hours.  Interested in seeing the high quality of a TAFM-built aircraft? Contact Us


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