N942TB - Build Underway

The TAFM is currently working on our third RV-12 airplane - an RV12iS.  This is the latest RV12 design with some of the new benefits described below:

  • Choice of fuel-injected Rotax engine: increased fuel economy, reduced maintenance, more power and torque, additional electrical power capacity.

  • Pilot benefits:  No carburetor heat or icing concerns, no manual leaning required. 

  • Baggage capacity increase to 75 lbs.

  • Redesigned cowl provides better cooling and easier install/de-install

  • Dual USB power connection.

  • Quick adjust seat backs.

  • Horizontal stabilizer fiberglass tips.

  • Redesigned fuel tank has same 20 gallon capacity, but increased functionality.

The effort started in February 2019 and estimated completion is end of 2020.  Follow along on our progress with periodic status updates posted on this site.

If you are thinking of buying or building a Light Sport aircraft, consider having the TAFM build it for/with you. As part of our mission to introduce teens to aviation, the TAFM brings experienced builder expertise, hangar space and tooling, free labor, transition training and ongoing support.

Working with the TAFM, your plane gets finished faster and the schedule is reliable. TAFM estimates 18 months versus 36 months for first time, solo builders. You can work alongside the TAFM to achieve the 51% repairman’s certificate. Pick your engine, panel, paint, and interior. You buy the kits along the way and you own the airplane once completed. 

06/2020 to 07/2020

Finally - Back to Work!

After a forced break from building due to COVID-19 State guidelines, we resumed on June 3rd with a smaller core team of students and mentors.  We’re working half days, checking temperatures, wearing masks, and trying to maintain social distance.  The flight controls are now finished and we’re 50% through the Garmin G3X Avionics and wiring installation.  The team is also starting work on the firewall forward items in preparation for installing the engine.

11/2019 to 02/2020

Fuselage Work Continues

The fuselage is 80% complete.  The finishing kit has arrived and work has begun.  The engine and avionics are on order.  Our snowbird volunteers have arrived so we should pick up some steam!  We have ordered the finishing kit.  It will contain the landing gear, seats and canopy... we will start looking like a real plane soon!  We have also posted our Builder's Log... take a look by clicking on the link above!

07/2019 to 10/2019

Wings Completed/Fuselage Begins

The first weekend of September was busy with inventorying and organizing the parts for the newly arrived fuselage kit.  We are back to full days on Saturday, busy assembling and riveting components, sealing the fuel tank and building the seat backs.  


Wing skin riveting commenced June 8th and was completed in August.  We finalized work on the wings by completing the electrical on the wing tips.    Finished just in time!  The fuselage kit arrived just before Labor Day weekend.

02/2019 to 06/2019

Tail Cone and Start of Wing Kits

Work started on our third RV-12 in February.  We spent February inventorying parts and organizing the work, while March and April focused on the tail cone.  We completed the tail cone on April 13... which led to work on the wings. 

Teen Building of our latest Van's RV12iS 

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